2014 News and Updates

February 4, 2013  **New Coupler Kits for Akdal MK1919 and SureFire Saiga Magazines.  

November 28, 2012 ** Higher Capacity continues to grow and is proud to sponsor several new matches this year, to include:  Texas State Multigun, Colorado State Multigun, ARPC Wounded Warrior 2 Gun, and many more.

January 6, 2011  ** Defense Review features Higher Capacity® in an article written by David Crane.

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April 1, 2010  **Recall on SOME DPMS .308 / 7.62, 32-rnd Higher Capacity Magazines

If you have had issues with the magazines not feeding the last few rounds, send your magazine back to Higher Capacity and we will inspect, clean the magazine, change out the spring / follower, and return it to you at no cost within 10 days.

We need to see the magazine to determine the mfg date and what issues we have had.  We will NOT send you a new spring / follower as we need to track these issues and work with our suppliers, so that we can continue to get you the very best magazine on the market today.

Ship back with RA number before returning any magazine:

Higher Capacity®
3611 N. Idaho Rd.
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
Higher Capacity® 

Just say "NO!" to plastic...

Higher Capacity® was born out of a small niche market that needed to have reliable firearm magazines that simply held more rounds than the standard market provided. In 1991 I had bought some AR-15 (5.56) 40 rnd Sterling Magazines and paid $150 each for them. I still have these 3 magazines today and they have never failed me. While I do not mind paying for good quality, I still saw the need for more quantity of rounds in magazines and in 1992 started making Higher Capacity® magazines for myself and other shooters.

Like the Company name says, all we manufacture is Higher Capacity® magazines for rifles and pistol shooting. We also use the best in raw materials. Most of the components and magazine bodies are made of stainless steel, the finest metal and most non corrosive metal known to man. We also use stainless steel in our followers and springs to guarantee that these magazines will last a lifetime and work flawlessly every time you use them. 

I have worked as a Master sheet metal journeyman since 1974, owning another manufacturing business for 21+ years. I have had every type of SMAW, FCAW, welding certification from brazing & silver soldering, to welding "Unlimited" thickness on A-36 carbon steel, all position, with 1/16" FCAW (1976) In short, my goal is the best professional quality, hand fitted, welded, sheet metal magazine that I can provide you at a reasonable cost. 

The benefits of a Higher Capacity® magazines performance and reliability come from the lack of high speed non-human manufacturing and the the following details paid to each magazine built. A normal magazine is cut from a piece of roll stock sheet metal, die or roll formed, and robotically welded, most magazines are never measured or visually inspected by a human against close tolerances. Every Higher Capacity® magazine is welded with purged inert gas and stainless steel.

Higher Capacity® measures each magazine within ONE - one thousanth (1/1000) of an inch and matched accordingly. After each magazine is precision cut and ground they are measured again with particular attention paid to the feed lips where each magazine is hand  manipulated and polished to assure the smoothest of all parts contacting your ammo is a perfect burr free surface (remember, a $30 factory magazine cannot be this inexpensive apart from automation and lack of individual attention by humans in these small details)

Each Higher Capacity® magazine is ultrasonically re-cleaned, inspected, polished, remeasured, assembled with the other matching components, then put in a Higher Capacity® sterile see through poly-bag by a QC inspector with 30+ years of experience. Magazines are test fired by pulling from each batch and randomly taken to be shot for "proof testing". If you find a magazine that looks like it has already been fired, it is a "proofed" magazine that you know that you can trust your life to.